C&C Diversified Services, LLC

Natural Gas & LP Gas
Critoph, Brian  
C&C Diversified Services, LLC 
7954 SW Jack James Drive 
Stuart, FL  34997
p. work 772-266-4680  
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f. fax 772-266-4679 
Keywords: Natural Gas, LP Gas, gas piping, tank installation
Description: Founded in 2004 C&C Diversified Services entered into the market as a Residential underground LP tank installation and underground gas piping company. Looking to diversify the operations, we quickly saw a need to provide builders and our customers with interior piping and appliance connections as well. In addition, we were able to become very proficient and competitive in the Commercial Market. These two additions along with market diversity did complete our portfolio as a gas piping and tank installation company. As the organization continued to grow, it became increasingly obvious that our customers-Contractors and End Users-had a void or difficult time purchasing an array of gas products. We initially started to offer appliances in the categories of traditional Tank Style Water Heaters, and as of today we offer over six product categories and a full range of Natural Gas & LP Gas services. We have a skilled staff team who are ready to help you; some of our team members have been with us since we originated.

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