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Indiantown, Fl. 34956
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Move up to higher standards with a uniquely strategic location where companies and families put down roots to grow.
Higher ROI thanks to low costs in land and power, a robust and diverse labor pool, and uniquely powerful civic cooperation that speeds relocations and start-ups with innovative benefits such as Permit-Ready sites, top-notch workforce training, and an array of financial incentives, including those for Florida’s Enterprise Zones.
Higher connectivity in a transportation hub: State of the art fiber optic communications network, highway, rail, waterway, and air - all routes lead to Indiantown, where Highway 710, the Okeechobee Waterway and CSX Rail are part of Florida’s designated State Intermodal System. Whether it’s a direct water passage from the Atlantic to the Gulf, multiple highway and rail connections, or a route by air, Indiantown gets you ahead of the game. 
Higher ground: In an inland location 40 feet above sea level, Indiantown is the ideal location for a range of general and marine manufacturing and testing—hurricanes can’t slow our high performance!
Higher standards in education and training: With Indiantown’s top-rated primary and secondary schools, and with Martin County’s 5 different institutions of higher learning and cutting-edge research facility, this area offers the intelligent choice for a prosperous future.
Higher levels of life satisfaction Indiantown is scenic and serene, a world away from hectic traffic. Yet the city lights and amenities of Palm Beach and some of the world’s most luxurious communities are only thirty minutes away.
Convenient connections to superior technology, to a sustainable and productive future, to a community that values quality in work and life—those connections are all waiting for you in Indiantown, your high-tech hometown. It’s high time you explored your options here. Click the iTown icon on the right for an inter-active tour of Indiantown's unique infrastructure.

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